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Mr.Bluebird’s Silver

Use the power of precious metals to preserve wealth and protect against market uncertainty.
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About Us

I became a regular buyer of precious metals when I recognized that my retirement assets were volatile based on market forces that were outside my control.  Physical gold and silver have stood the test of time to safeguard against market volatility.  

Making a plan to regularly purchase precious metals on autopilot will position yourself and your loved ones in a good position to weather the storm in uncertain times.  What is your plan B to preserve your assets?

Why should I buy silver?

The value of the US dollar has steadily eroded since the Federal Reserve was created in 1913.  You can buy far less with it as inflation increases.  By contrast, the purchasing power of gold and silver has skyrocketed as inflation increases.

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Where Do I Start?

Mr Bluebird’s Silver has partnered with precious metals experts to deliver gold and silver at prices that will fit any budget through a variety of coin autosaver programs.  These high quality mint grade coins are delivered directly to your door and larger orders can be stored at a secure vault.

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Pricing on Gold & Silver

We cut the middle man allowing easier access and better prices on gold and silver bullion.

If you want to learn more about Mr Bluebird’s Silver, sign up for a FREE consultation using the link below. These calls — scheduled during a time that is convenient for you — allow our team to explain the benefits of the membership program and answer any questions you may have.

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Price Gold & Sliver
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